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Online degrees: learn your way in your time

The advantages of Online Degrees 

In this time of crisis, online degree programs could hold the answer to a better future. A recent article published on The NY Times underlined the essentiality, in this dire economic climate, to hold a degree in our hands to increase the possibility to get or keep a satisfying, well paid job: the results of this report, conducted initially by the Pew Charitable Trust, emphasized how the percentage of unemployment or job loss resulted to be less dramatic among graduates than among people holding a high school diploma or less. For many, though, the possibility of enrolling in full time education may not be the best option, especially if employed or with a family. Thanks to the growth in number and standards of online degrees, third level education is now within reach for many people who may have not managed to enroll before.

Whether you wish to further your education to find a job, or to rise to a higher position within the one you already have, online degree programs offer the flexibility and the variety of choice needed. And it is in fact a choice many have already taken successfully: a recent survey has shown an increase of more than half a million students attending online degree programs, a fact also reported by the press.

Why is it better?

Studying online means you will have the opportunity to work around your own schedule, as well as doing so everywhere you like: you will only need your laptop. Albeit organizing a personal academic schedule may seem daunting for those who are not used to it, the best online degrees will also offer, through direct tutor support, advice on how to proficiently manage your study time. Lectures and studying material is usually available online, and the creation of academic online forums, a type of prop widely used in traditional, on-campus learning, too, hugely help the students to exchange ideas and help each other.

When even well known and established Universities like Phoenix and UMUC propose online degree programs among their options, it truly means this system of learning is established and, most of all, successful. Many well known universities have now gone down the path of supporting online degrees and offer them on a regular basis. There are also institutions, such as the University of Wisconsin ECampus which distinguish themselves exclusively for their online academic curriculum. The choice is large and the prices affordable, but if you are short of cash, there is a plethora on free online degree programs to apply for: some of the best online degrees available are offered by edX and Coursera, the latter working hand in hand with some of the most prestigious universities in the US and offering several free online courses drawn off such institutions’ full time curriculum.

A degree can be a pass partout to a better job and a better quality of life: today, it can be easily achieved even if you already work or have family commitments, by applying to an online degree program suited to your needs. The world of third level education has evolved and online degrees are its latest, fascinating incarnation.